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A Feast of Blossoms

March 20, today, is the first day of Spring.   This is precisely why I have chosen to launch this new project this week.  While spring can be defined in many different contexts - from the birth of blossoms that bloom after a cold, retrospective winter to a physical device that returns to its original coiling power after being manipulated one way and the next...yes, Spring is the season I find myself in.

So what's it all about?  Honestly, a whole mess of things.


It all began with my word for the year.  The word "soul", upon great consideration, evolved to the sound of the word...the phonetic word [SOHL]

The year for my music - my art - my creative endeavors.... my Soul.  It is all of those things that together, build the essence of who I am.

The year for my health - my physical body - in all of its connection to the earth - to health, to healing.  That connection between the Soles of my feet and the life force of the earth.

The year of my uniqueness - my sole individuality and learning to honor that.

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